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Thank you for your patience and your teaching.  My life wouldn't have any direction if it weren't for you!  Love, Nicholas Valenza-Hazelton

"Diana has been my friend and voice teacher for many years. There is none other like her. Herknowledge of technique and how to fix things are impeccable. I have complete faith in her expertise, her ability to help, and incorporate change that consistently improves the quality of my sound. She is a unique, wise and a superb teacher. My appreciation for her and her talent is immense and I feel quite blessed to have her on my team!

Thank you Diana!"

- Patti Flowers Jacobina,  Mezzo Soprano

"Diana is one of the finest vocal pedagogues in America."   The late, Mija Novich-Soprano & Professor of Voice at Duquesne University


My relationship with Ms. Walters started when I was a teenager and was a participant in the Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts.  I was young and had potential, but was just beginning to look into classical music.   She exposed me to art songs and opera and gave me vocal lessons over several weeks.  A newly kindled desire to become an opera singer grew from that experience.  Many years later, when having some vocal difficulty, I went to her for vocal lessons again.  I studied with her for several years. I went successfully from her studio to New York.  She is a great vocal diagnostician and helped me make many needed and difficult technical changes.  I've not had a teacher since her that had such a well- rounded ability to coach and teach as well.  She can play and teach any musical style from the piano!   Learning with Diana was a joy.  She is a great role model of a professional singer and teacher; she provides vocal advice, musical advice, teaching advice and she gives the necessary emotional support.   She is still a part of my singing life and I couldn't have made it here without her!

Marjorie Dix - http://www.marjoriedix.com/ Mezzo Soprano 2012 Grammy award winner, Metropolitan Opera singer and Graduate of the Metropolitan Opera Young Artists Program

I have been a professional singer for some twenty five years and after many years of not working with a voice teacher I found myself in need of a mentor to help me regain some of my higher range. Working with Diana Walters not only gave me back my high C (with ease), she gave me a new perspective on vocal techniques that have grown and improved my voice at a time when I thought my voice was done growing and improving!  I can’t thank her enough!

Cynthia Harding Professional Singer/Actor from Pittsburgh, Pa.

Diana guides students to learn the most important foundation of the art of singing, their bodies!  Her teaching is organic and insightful. Being a student of Diana's has improved not just my singing but my teaching.

Erin Haupt

Solid, technical base. Understands your voice. Gets the maximum amount of sound regardless of your Fach (category). A teacher for ALL voice types. No gimmicks. No nonsense. A teacher for advanced singers in the Midwest. For serious, competitive performers who are pursuing auditions, competitions, YAPs. Pay for the quality; not the name. This is not your undergraduate voice teacher.


I highly recommend Diana Walters to serious singers who are pursuing opera auditions, competitions and YAPs  You will receive solid, technically based instruction without gimmicks or nonsense.  If you are an advanced singer in the Midwest, this is the teacher for you.

Tamara Miller-Campbell - http://music.wustl.edu/people/miller-campbell Teacher of Applied Music Washington University East Central College

When I began taking voice lessons with Diana, I felt pretty confident in my singing, but had always struggled with phrasing and breath control.  After my first lesson with her, I was amazed by what I could sing and quickly applied it to the role I was preparing at the time.  Friends and colleagues who have known me and my voice for quite some time noticed a difference, too!

Debra Hillabrand

I am Marianne Cornetti, International Dramatic Mezzo Soprano!


My very first voice teacher was Diana Walters! I studied with her 14-18 years of age! I CREDIT MY VERY STRONG AND STABLE START TO DIANA FOR INSTILLING IN ME A PROPER TECHNIQUE THAT HAS SUSTAINED ME FOR 37 YEARS!!! She is an asset to ANY SINGER!!! I highly recommend her as a prominent voice teacher!!!



Marianne Cornetti - http://www.arena.it/en-US/PersonnelDetailen.html?idpersonnel=10004#.Umx33RCQMe0

What is amazing about Diana Walter's studio is that every singer has their own voice - their own unique sound - which distinguishes them apart from other singers.

Seth Gruber - http://www.ncmusicclubchorus.org/guest_performers/seth_g.html

I would not be singing or teaching if it weren't for Diana Walters. Her rock-solid technique and comprehensive understanding of the voice have helped me gain vocal consistency, strength, and support (to name just a few things!) She is a gem!I

Amy Hartle Stabnau, Soprano

Diana is an excellent teacher. She is sensitive and attentive to her students’ vocal needs. She expands their range, repertoire and quality of their singing abilities. She has a warm personality and always provides a positive learning environment for her students. She is very supportive of her students’ performances.

Jennifer Judd

Diana Walters is such a wonderful voice teacher. Her enthusiasm and teaching techniques have helped hundreds of young singers in Pittsburgh area. Her former students are singing in major opera houses all around the world. Diana is patient, unique, dynamic, and fun! She uses breathing techniques, posture, muscular release, and variety to teach the body and mind to open up and SING! I highly recommend her as a voice teacher. 

Guenko Guechev, Duquesne UniversityAssociate Professor and Chair of Voice Area Opera Workshop Director Lirica Roma Director

Studying with Diana has helped fine tune my technique.  Most specifically, she has helped me gain a more complete understanding of the breath and how it empowers the voice. She is also a delightful and supportive person who encourages her students in their studies and singing engagements.

  Megan Higgins

I was at PGSA the Summer of 1996.What an experience. I'll never forget it. Truly changed my life. So many wonderful teachers...YOU included.


This note is long overdue. You should know that you were the first teacher to begin my foundation of vocal technique. Little did I know at the time, how much a low laryngeal position would be such a large part of my future. I've thought of you so often over the years. Especially in voice lessons; so many male teachers rather surprised to hear that I first learned of a low laryngeal position from a female teacher. You indeed were ahead of the curve. Bravo to you :)


Thank you for never treating us like children. Your 'balls to the wall' approach (forgive the expression) really was the first step in beginning to understand what it would be like to work in a professional capacity.


Sending you much health and happiness, along with immense gratitude.

Lucas Steele -  http://www.playbill.com/news/article/180637-THE-LEADING-MEN

Diana Walters is one of the finest vocal pedagogues in our country. Her teaching consistently makes improvements in student's singing and empowers them to work through vocal issues. If a singer is looking for a teacher, call Diana Walters!

Maestro Thomas Octave - http://www.thomasoctave.com/Tom_Octave/Biography.html

Tonight I couldn't help but think about the opportunities I had to perform with Diana Lewis Walters -- A class act and master teacher who has taught me so much. I loved our Viva Voce concerts, doing the Traviata duet, and so much more! I miss you D and you are one in a million!

Zachary Luchetti - http://readingeagle.com/mobile/article.aspx?id=281467

Diana Walters is a wonderful teacher who possesses a knack for growing the voice in a clear, healthy, and artistic manner. She truly cares about her students and takes pride in all of their accomplishments. I would recommend her to anyone.

Christopher Fiano